EECS 388 Introduction to Security

    University of Michigan [Winter 2020, Fall 2022, Fall 2023]

    Course Description: This course teaches the security mindset and introduces the principles and practices of computer security as applied to software, host systems, and networks. I hope any interested CS undergraduate students take this course.

    Prerequisites: EECS 281 required; EECS 201 and EECS 370 recommended.

    EECS 588 Computer and Network Security

    University of Michigan [Fall 2020, Winter 2022]

    Course Description: Intensive research seminar covers foundations, research literature, and current topics in computer systems security. This course prepares graduate students for security-related research, and helps them gain hands-on experience designing and evaluating secure systems.

    Prerequisites: EECS 482 Operating Systems, EECS 489 Computer Networks, EECS 388 Introduction to Security, or grad standing.

    EECS 598-12 Censorship & Privacy Tech

    University of Michigan [Fall 2019]

    Course Description: Created a new graduate course, which covers latest research in detecting and resisting against online threats, including systems for censorship detection and circumvention, web tracking and traffic analysis countermeasures, anonymous communication systems such as Tor, and other privacy enhancing technologies (PETs). Students are expected to complete original research projects on topics in this area.

    Prerequisites: Open to advanced undergraduate students with EECS 388, EECS 489 Networking (recommended), or grad standing.