Join My Lab

I am actively looking for new students to join my lab in the coming year!

Office Hours: By appointment
Office Location: Bob and Betty Beyster Building, Room 4745, University of Michigan - North Campus 2260 Hayward St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Thank you for your interest in our lab. I am always eager to meet motivated students interested in our research area! Due to the large amount of inquiries I receive, I’ve decided to simplify the application process. Please make sure to read the following before you reach out.

Prospective Students

Graduate students - you can contact me at In your email please include your transcripts, CV, and a paragraph stating why my research and lab are of interest to you. Please be sure to take time on your statement and use your own words.

Undergraduate students - In addition to the information above, please also include any supporting document or project that can show me you have a good grasp on the contents of Intro to Computer Security, and Intro to Operating System or any similar courses.

If you are CSE students at the University of Michigan, and have any additional questions, please feel free to stop by during my office hours.

Visiting students ( especially from Political science, Journalism, and related fields)

I am happy to be able to occasionally host visitors. If you would like to visit our lab, please email me directly at If you have a recommendation from someone I know, please be sure to include their name in your email as well.