Roya Ensafi

Assistant Professor (starting 2019)
Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Michigan
Email:  ensafi [@]

My research focuses on security and privacy, with an emphasis on designing techniques and systems to protect users from adverserial networks. Much of my work has focused on detecting and defending against adversaries who manipulate Internet traffic in order to block, monitor, or otherwise tamper with users' online activities.

Members of my lab: Reethika Ramesh, Ram Sundara Raman, Victor Ongkowijaya, Adrian Stoll, and Muhammad Ikram.

News: I recently founded Censored Planet, a platform for continuously monitoring global Internet censorship and disruption. Our regular scan data on Internet censorship tactics commonly used by governments and others is publicly available and already in use by computer and political scientists.



Research Overview (2017)


Selected Publications

The full list of my publications is available here.