• Attended the 2016 Rising Stars Workshop at CMU
  • Participated at the CAIDA BGP Hackathon 2016 to understand the routing impact of adding and removing IP-anycasted peers. Our team was among the winners.
  • Participated at the Citizen Lab Summer Institute 2015. (Workshop at the Citizen Lab, Toronto, Canada. July 2015). Co-led two half-day workshops on censorship measurement.

Program Committee Membership

Talks and Panels

  • Bringing transparency to adversarial manipulation of Internet traffic
    Boston University, January 2017
  • From Internet Filtering to Actively Probing Anti-Censorship Tools
    • Carnegie Mellon University, Rising Stars in EECS Workshop, poster presentation, November 2016
    • Berkman Center at Harvard University, Luncheon Seminar, May 2016
    • Stanford University, Networking Seminar, April 2016
    • Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), IETF 97, Argentina, April 2016
  • Law and Technology Panel: Online Censorship
    (Panelist.) Woodrow Wilson School and Program in Law and Public Affairs, Princeton, April 2016
  • Censored Planet: Global Study of Internet Filtering & Controls
    (Short talk.) ISAT/DARPA Workshop on Technological Disruptions of Societies and Organizations, Arlington, March 2016
  • The Great Firewall of China
    Princeton University, CITP Luncheon Speaker Series, December 1, 2015
  • The Battle Over Information Control on the Internet
    NSF Early Career Workshop, poster presentation, Arlington, VA, November 2015
  • Assessing the State of Internet Accessibility
    (Panelist.) Princeton CITP Conference on Internet Censorship, Interference, and Control, Princeton, Oct. 2015
  • Assessing the Research Community‚Äôs Progress on Having Impact on Internet Accessibility
    (Panelist.) Free and Open Communications on the Internet Workshop (FOCI), USENIX Security, August 2015
  • From Designing Advanced Network Inference Techniques to Detecting Censorship
    Princeton University, CITP Luncheon Speaker Series, March 5, 2015

Guest Lectures

  • 6.829: Computer Networks, MIT (October 2016)
  • CS 244: Advanced Topics in Networking, Stanford University (April 2016)
  • ELE 574: Security and Privacy, Princeton University (October 2015)
  • COS/ELE 432: Information Security, Princeton University (March 2015)
  • CS 485/ECE 440/CS 585: Computer Networks, University of New Mexico (October 2013)